Brief Update

Ok, so just a little update before I really start posting game results. I have actually been working on this tournament since the beginning of summer and am currently in the middle of the 3rd Round. I had the thought of creating a site like this for the tournament at the beginning, but decided to hold out for a while in case I decided to really drag this out or even lose interest. Well, I have at times, but have consistently worked on it through June, July, August and now September.

I think the way that I will do this is that I will post a handful of series’ every day or two until each round is finished when I will post round recaps. Everything that I have done for this tournament until I created this site has been worked on in Google Docs. So, I will post links to those docs so you can see them, including boxscores/results, team stats, skater stats and goalie stats. However, I will summarize each series on this site while posting the link to the full list of game boxscores. I will also post skater/goalie/team stat leaders on the corresponding pages, while posting a link to the Google Doc listing each skater/goalie/team and their corresponding stats.

There’s probably more that I could explain and I will get into as I go along here.

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