1st Round Matchups: A Couple Cup Winners, Some Notables & A Lot of Nobody’s

via mountrantmore.com

via mountrantmore.com

Ok, time to start announcing some of the matchups here in the 1st Round. I guess I could summarize some of the matchups in this 1st Round as a couple of bad teams from the old days and a couple of good teams from every now and again, but not too many serious contenders. So, this 1st Round may not be exactly “exciting,” if what I am doing can be considered “exciting.” A couple of notable teams in the first round are the ’99-’00 St. Louis Blues with two star defenseman with big shots in Al MacInnis and Chris Pronger, the ’06-’07 Anaheim Ducks who defeated the Ottawa Senators in five games to win the Cup, also with Chris Pronger, the Alexander Ovechkin-led ’08-’09 Washington Capitals, the not quite French Connection ’79-’80 Buffalo Sabres, the Sedins’ ’10-’11 Vancouver Canucks and the Cup-winning ’88-’89 Calgary Flames.

Here is the full list of matchups in the 1st Round in no particular order:

(#32) ’37-’38 New York Americans vs. (#33) ’83-’84 Quebec Nordiques

(#17) ’98-’99 Carolina Hurricanes vs. (#48) ’30-’31 Philadelphia Quakers

(#25) ’05-’06 Ottawa Senators 2.0 vs. (#40) ’77-’78 Colorado Rockies

(#24) ’07-’08 Florida Panthers vs. (#41) ’21-’22 Hamilton Tigers

(#29) ’85-’86 Hartford Whalers vs. (#36) ’12-’13 Columbus Blue Jackets

(#20) ’02-’03 Dallas Stars vs. (#45) ’76-’77 Cleveland Barons

(#28) ’09-’10 San Jose Sharks vs. (#37) ’05-’06 Atlanta Thrashers

(#21) ’99-’00 St. Louis Blues vs. (#44) ’74-’75 Kansas City Scouts

(#31) ’84-’85 Winnipeg Jets vs. (#34) ’10-’11 Nashville Predators

(#18) ’06-’07 Anaheim Ducks vs. (#47) ’34-’35 St. Louis Eagles

(#26) ’08-’09 Washington Capitals vs. (#39) ’78-’79 Atlanta Flames

(#23) ’79-’80 Buffalo Sabres vs. (#42) ’25-’26 Pittsburgh Pirates

(#30) ’11-’12 Phoenix Coyotes vs. (#35) ’08-’09 Minnesota Wild

(#19) ’88-’89 Calgary Flames vs. (#46) ’19-’20 Quebec Bulldogs

(#27) ’79-’80 Minnesota North Stars vs. (#38) ’75-’76 California Golden Seals

(#22) ’10-’11 Vancouver Canucks vs. (#43) ’13-’14 Winnipeg Jets 2.0

Obviously, there are some teams in this 1st Round that some people have never heard of and that’s ok, because they weren’t around long and they weren’t very successful. Like the Philadelphia Quakers, who lasted only one season and posted a record of 4-36-4 for 12 points and a goal differential of -108, which is why they’re the lowest seed in the tournament.

There are a couple of teams with some very good talent that have the potential to make a deep run. For example, the the Cup winners, the ’88-’89 Flames and the ’06-’07 Ducks should have good success. That Flames team is an extremely deep team and I bet some of you would be surprised at some of the players on that team. Also, a defensive-pairing of Shea Weber and Ryan Suter with Pekka Rinne in net for the ’10-’11 Predators could be a tough out in this tournament, despite their major lack of offense. Speaking of offense, the ’08-’09 Capitals have a some good weapons that could help them make a run, despite their major lack of defense and goaltending.

As I said in one of my earlier posts, the tournament has been going on for months and is currently in the middle of the 3rd Round. So, the 1st Round is completed. I will start posting in the next day or two some results from the 1st Round. Stay tuned because the 1st Round may not be too exciting, but it gets better!

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