1st Round Begins, Updates Throughout the Day

via sportslogos.net

via sportslogos.net

The Ultimate NHL Playoff is underway. The following six series’ will be completed today and the results will be posted throughout the day.

(#32) ’37-’38 New York Americans vs. (#33) ’83-’84 Quebec Nordiques

(#17) ’98-’99 Carolina Hurricanes vs. (#48) ’30-’31 Philadelphia Quakers

(#25) ’05-’06 Ottawa Senators 2.0 vs. (#40) ’77-’78 Colorado Rockies

(#24) ’07-’08 Florida Panthers vs. (#41) ’21-’22 Hamilton Tigers

(#29) ’85-’86 Hartford Whalers vs. (#36) ’12-’13 Columbus Blue Jackets

(#20) ’02-’03 Dallas Stars vs. (#45) ’76-’77 Cleveland Barons

The way this will work is I will post one series at a time. For each series I will post the boxscores for each game of the series and the three stars of the series. I will also post links to the Google Docs that correspond with that series, like each teams’ skater and goalie stats, as well as team stats.

Up first, the Americans and the Nordiques.

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