2nd Round Kicks Off Today!!!

First off, sorry for the delay in the tournament in the last few days, but I was unable to post anything. However, the 2nd Round does start today with the following matchups:

(#16) ’03-’04 Tampa Bay Lightning vs. (#17) ’98-’99 Carolina Hurricanes

(#3) ’07-’08 Detroit Red Wings vs. (#35) ’08-’09 Minnesota Wild

(#6) ’12-’13 Chicago Blackhawks vs. (#27) ’79-’80 Minnesota North Stars

(#10) ’12-’13 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (#23) ’79-’80 Buffalo Sabres

(#14) ’13-’14 Los Angeles Kings vs. (#19) ’88-’89 Calgary Flames

(#7) ’25-’26 Ottawa Senators vs. (#39) ’78-’79 Atlanta Flames

So there are a lot of Cup winners in action today and now that we’re in the 2nd Round, hopefully there will be much more competition and less sweeps!

ONE HINT: At least one of the Cup winners in action today is going to be eliminated…today…..BUM BUM BUUUUUM

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