Loob’s Game 7 OT Winner Leads ’88-’89 Flames to Final; ’79-’80 Sabres Fall Short after Trailing 3-0 in Series

The 19th-seeded '88-'89 Calgary Flames have clinched a spot in the Ultimate NHL Final with their Game 7 OT winner from Hakan Loob.     via sportsnet.ca

The 19th-seeded ’88-’89 Calgary Flames have clinched a spot in the Ultimate NHL Final with their Game 7 OT winner from Hakan Loob. via sportsnet.ca

The 23rd-seeded ’79-’80 Buffalo Sabres had the “momentum” coming into this game and they opened the scoring with a goal from Gilbert Perreault just four and a half minutes into the game. However, the 19th-seeded ’88-’89 Calgary Flames notted it back up a couple of minutes later thanks to Hakan Loob. Then, late in the first period, Joe Nieuwendyk would give the Flames their first lead of Game 7 with his 19th goal of the tournament. After Nieuwendyk’s goal, though, Calgary would take three straight penalties. Two in the final minute plus in the first period from Jamie Macoun and Joel Otto. Then, early in the second, Gary Roberts got called for unsportsmanlike conduct. Just seven seconds after the Roberts penalty, Calgary defenseman Dana Murzyn was called for hooking, but Buffalo defenseman Jim Schoenfeld was called for unsportsmanlike conduct-diving. With all of those penalties, there would not be a single power play goal.

At the 8:35 mark of the second period, Roberts would pot his 9th goal of the tournament to give Calgary a 3-1 lead. The Sabres would get that goal back just 43 seconds later thanks to Rick Martin, his 11th goal of the tournament. Later in the period, the Flames would add to their lead with defenseman Gary Suter scoring his 10th goal of the tournament. So, heading into the third period of this Game 7, the Flames held a 4-2 lead. Early in the third, the Sabres made a statement saying that this game is long from over. Martin scored his second goal of the game just 34 seconds into the period. But, a little over a minute later, the Flames would reopen a two goal lead with Nieuwendyk’s second of the game. Buffalo goaltender Don Edwards would get pulled after Nieuwendyk’s second goal and backup Bob Sauve would replace him. Just before the 17:00 mark, Tony McKegney scored his 14th goal of the game to make it a one-goal game again. Then, just seven seconds later, Buffalo defenseman John Van Boxmeer would score his eighth goal of the tournament to incredibly tie this one up at five. Deservingly so, this Game 7 would go to overtime and the Sabres would pepper Mike Vernon. However, despite being outshot 10-5 a little more than halfway through the overtime period, the Flames would get the series clincher from Loob and Buffalo’s incredible comeback in the series and in the game would fall just short.


1st Period 2nd Period 3rd Period Overtime Total
#23 ‘79-’80 Sabres 1 1 3 5
#19 ‘88-’89 Flames 2 2 1 1 6

GAME SUMMARY:   CGY – 6   BUF – 5 (OT)   (4-3 CGY)

1st Period:

  • 4:23 – BUF Goal: G. Perreault (20) assisted by D. Gare (22), B. Hajt (6)
  • 7:03 – CGY Goal: H. Loob (20) assisted by G. Suter (12)
  • 18:27 – CGY Goal: J. Nieuwendyk (19) assisted by J. Macoun (4)

2nd Period:

  • 8:35 – CGY Goal: G. Roberts (9) assisted by G. Suter (12), D. Gilmour (23)
  • 9:10 – BUF Goal: R. Martin (11) assisted by G. Perreault (14), D. Gare (23)
  • 12:00 – CGY Goal: G. Suter (10) assisted by T. Fleury (12), J. Hrdina (10)

3rd Period:

  • 0:34 – BUF Goal: R. Martin (12) assisted by G. Perreault (15), D. Gare (24)
  • 1:45 – CGY Goal: J. Nieuwendyk (20) assisted by H. Loob (17), B. MacLellan (11)
  • 16:57 – BUF Goal: T. McKegney (14) assisted by R. Dunn (14)
  • 17:04 – BUF Goal: J. Van Boxmeer (8) assisted by J. Gould (4)


  • 13:49 – CGY Goal: H. Loob (21) assisted by T. Fleury (13), A. MacInnis (25)


#23 ‘79-’80 Sabres

#19 ‘88-’89 Flames























1st Star: Hakan loob (CGY) – 2 G, GWG, A, +3, 5 S

2nd Star: Gary Suter (CGY) – G, 2 A, +2, 5 S

3rd Star: Gilbert Perreault (BUF) – G, 2 A, -1, 3 S

So the 19th-seeded ’88-’89 Calgary Flames avoid becoming the second team in this tournament to lose a series after leading 3-0. The ’03-’04 Tampa Bay Lightning came back from 3-0 down in their second round series against the ’98-’99 Carolina Hurricanes. The 23rd-seeded ’79-’80 Buffalo Sabres’ tournament comes to an end after a very impressive run.

Now…..the inaugural Ultimate NHL Final is set…..the top-seeded ’76-’77 Montreal Canadiens against the 19th-seeded ’88-’89 Calgary Flames. The Final kicks off Monday night!

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