Update: 2015 Ultimate NHL Playoff Begins When NHL Season Ends


So, the tournament has been finished for a while and the team recap’s are now complete. The qualifying for the next tournament can begin soon. All the participating franchises that do not currently exist can begin their individual qualifying tournaments. Here is a list of the following franchises that will have their qualifying tournaments soon:

  • Atlanta Flames
  • Atlanta Thrashers
  • California Golden Seals/Oakland Seals
  • Cleveland Barons
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Hamilton Tigers
  • Hartford Whalers
  • Kansas City Scouts
  • Minnesota North Stars
  • Montreal Maroons
  • New York (Brooklyn) Americans
  • Ottawa Senators (original)
  • Philadelphia Quakers
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Quebec Bulldogs
  • Quebec Nordiques
  • St. Louis Eagles
  • Winnipeg Jets (original)

All current NHL franchises cannot begin their qualifying tournaments until the season ends because WhatifSports.com, the sports simulator, will not update their website to include the ’14-’15 rosters until the season is completed. I will be taking a short break from the site after all this does take up a decent amount of my time. This weekend is also my birthday weekend so that factors into it as well! Be back in a week or so!

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