2015 Ultimate NHL Playoff Qualifying Begins Monday!!!

And it all starts up again next week. Beginning with the Cleveland Barons, the 2015 Qualifying Tournaments for the Ultimate NHL Playoff kicks off on Monday. The Qualifying Tournaments will start at the lower seeds and work their way up to the higher seeds. The bottom three seeds, the Philadelphia Quakers, the St. Louis Eagles and the Quebec Bulldogs, all existed for just one season in the NHL, so they don’t need tournaments, obvi. So, the Cleveland Barons, who only existed for two NHL seasons, are first.

One last little tidbit here, the seeding in the 2015 UNP will not be the same as the inaugural UNP. Since the current NHL teams will have added on another season to their history, they could pass an existent NHL team in games played, which could affect the seeding or a tiebreaker. And, of course, someone will win a Stanley Cup this season, so that will affect that team’s seeding as well.

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