Preview of 2015 Pittsburgh Pirates Qualifying Tournament

First off, here is the small “bracket” for the tourney.

  1. ’27-’28 Pittsburgh Pirates (19-17-8, 46 points, Lost in NHL QTRFinal)
  2. ’25-’26 Pittsburgh Pirates (19-16-1, 39 points, Lost in NHL Semifinal)
  3. ’26-’27 Pittsburgh Pirates (15-26-13, 33 points, DNQ for Playoffs)
  4. ’28-’29 Pittsburgh Pirates (9-27-8, 26 points, DNQ for Playoffs)

The bold represents who represented the Pirates in the inaugural Ultimate NHL Playoff. The Pittsburgh Pirates franchise existed for five seasons in the NHL and their final season, the ’29-’30 season, did not qualify for this tournament with their record of 5-36-3, which was good for just 13 points.

Players to Watch:

  • F – Hib Milks – He’s on every one of the teams in this qualifier and was the leading-scorer for all four of those teams.
  • G – Roy Worters – The Hall of Famer was a finalist for the Hart Trophy twice during his time with the Pirates. He’s also on three of the four teams in this qualifier, the only one he was not on was the ’28-’29 Pirates.
  • W – Harold Darragh – Also on every one of these Pirates teams and was usually right behind Milks in terms of scoring.

The Semifinals of this qualifier take place today and then the Final will take place tomorrow.

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