Preview of 2015 Colorado Rockies Qualifying Tournament

Here is the seeding for the 2015 Colorado Rockies Qualifying Tournament:

  1. ’77-’78 Colorado Rockies (19-40-21, 59 points (2nd), Lost in NHL Preliminary Round)
  2. ’80-’81 Colorado Rockies (22-45-13, 57 points (5th), DNQ for Playoffs)
  3. ’76-’77 Colorado Rockies (20-46-14, 54 points (5th), DNQ for Playoffs)
  4. ’79-’80 Colorado Rockies (19-48-13, 51 points (6th), DNQ for Playoffs)

The ’77-’78 Rockies represented the extinct Colorado franchise in the inaugural Ultimate NHL Playoff as the #40 seed. They faced off against the #25 seed, the ’05-’06 Ottawa Senators, and were eliminated in a dominant sweep by the Sens.

Players to Watch:

  • RW – Lanny McDonald – Hall of Famer Lanny McDonald enjoyed some great season with the Maple Leafs and Flames, but was a point-per-game player for the ’80-’81 Rockies, which was his lone season with the franchise.
  • RW – Wilf Paiement – The All-Star enjoyed two of his best seasons as an NHLer as a member of the Colorado Rockies as he put up 87 points with the ’77-’78 Rockies and 81 points with the ’76-’77 Rockies.
  • D – John Van Boxmeer – He posted the third highest point total of his career for a single season with the ’77-’78 Rockies.

The tournament begins later today and tonight, as well! Then, the Final will be tomorrow night!

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