Qualifying Tournaments for Third Annual Ultimate NHL Playoff Begins July 1st

I’m still trying to find a consistent rhythm in terms of when every portion of the Ultimate NHL Playoff and it’s offseason should begin. However, right now, I do know that the Qualifying Tournaments for the upcoming Third Annual UNP will begin on July 1st. As always, the tournaments will take place according to the franchise rankings, which are now up to date after the end of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoff. Again, as always, the Qualifying Tournaments will work bottom-to-top. So, the first Qualifying Tournament will be for the 45th-seeded Cleveland Barons, who only existed for two seasons. The bottom three seeds of the Philadelphia Quakers, the St. Louis Eagles and the Quebec Bulldogs all only had one NHL season so their representatives are all set. Coming up next will be a post listing the new franchise rankings heading into the Third Annual UNP and how they are different from the Second Annual UNP.

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