Franchise Seeding for Third Annual Ultimate NHL Playoff

Now, I present to you the seeding for the Third Annual Ultimate NHL Playoff.

Seed Second Annual UNP Third Annual UNP Difference
1 Montreal Canadiens Montreal Canadiens
2 Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto Maple Leafs
3 Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings
4 Boston Bruins Boston Bruins
5 Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Blackhawks
6 Edmonton Oilers Edmonton Oilers
7 New York Rangers New York Rangers
8 New York Islanders Pittsburgh Penguins +3
9 Ottawa Senators (original) New York Islanders -1
10 New Jersey Devils Ottawa Senators (original) -1
11 Pittsburgh Penguins New Jersey Devils -1
12 Philadelphia Flyers Philadelphia Flyers
13 Los Angeles Kings Los Angeles Kings
14 Montreal Maroons Montreal Maroons
15 Colorado Avalanche Colorado Avalanche
16 Dallas Stars Dallas Stars
17 Calgary Flames Calgary Flames
18 Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay Lightning
19 Carolina Hurricanes Anaheim Ducks +1
20 Anaheim Ducks Carolina Hurricanes -1
21 St. Louis Blues St. Louis Blues
22 Vancouver Canucks Vancouver Canucks
23 Buffalo Sabres Buffalo Sabres
24 Florida Panthers Washington Capitals +1
25 Washington Capitals San Jose Sharks +3
26 Ottawa Senators (modern) Ottawa Senators (modern)
27 Minnesota North Stars Florida Panthers -3
28 San Jose Sharks Minnesota North Stars -1
29 Arizona Coyotes Arizona Coyotes
30 Hartford Whalers Hartford Whalers
31 Winnipeg Jets (original) Nashville Predators +2
32 New York Americans Winnipeg Jets (original) -1
33 Nashville Predators New York Americans -1
34 Quebec Nordiques Quebec Nordiques
35 Minnesota Wild Minnesota Wild
36 Columbus Blue Jackets Columbus Blue Jackets
37 Atlanta Thrashers Atlanta Thrashers
38 California Golden Seals California Golden Seals
39 Atlanta Flames Atlanta Flames
40 Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies
41 Hamilton Tigers Winnipeg Jets (modern) +2
42 Pittsburgh Pirates Hamilton Tigers -1
43 Winnipeg Jets (modern) Pittsburgh Pirates -1
44 Kansas City Scouts Kansas City Scouts
45 Cleveland Barons Cleveland Barons
46 Quebec Bulldogs Quebec Bulldogs
47 St. Louis Eagles St. Louis Eagles
48 Philadelphia Quakers Philadelphia Quakers

To start, the first factor in the seeding is the number of Cups the franchise has won. After that, the first tie breaker is number of appearances in the Stanley Cup Final and the second tie breaker is years of operation. Let’s address the changes starting at the top. With the Pittsburgh Penguins winning their fourth Stanley Cup, they jump ahead of the original Ottawa Senators, the New Jersey Devils and the New York Islanders. The Pens have the same number of Cups and Final appearances as the Islanders, but have existed longer, therefore they jump them and the original Senators for the same reasons. The Devils are left behind by Pittsburgh since they have won three Cups. The Anaheim Ducks and Carolina Hurricanes swapped places simply because the Ducks have been around longer, which is also why the Washington Capitals jumped one spot above the Florida Panthers.

The San Jose Sharks made a big jump (three spots) because of them making their first Stanley Cup Final appearance. They jumped over the Panthers, the modern Ottawa Senators and the Minnesota North Stars because San Jose has been around longer than all of those franchises. Simply because of another season in the books, the Nashville Predators jumped up two spots, over the original Winnipeg Jets and the extinct New York Americans. Lastly, the final change is the modern Jets jumping over the extinct Hamilton Tigers and Pittsburgh Pirates also because of putting another season in their books. All that’s left now is to get the Qualifying Tournaments started and that will begin on July 1st!

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